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Family Trees by Louise, where your past comes to life

     Hi, my name is Carol, welcome to my genealogy and research site!  I specialize in researching family trees and history. I can make a small family tree for you going back a few generations, or a large family tree  going back several generations. I can also do research on just one or two ancestors if you prefer. Along with your family tree I will include documentation such as Church records, marriage certificates, death certificates, census records, etc. If I can't find any documentation, I will list any information I find as speculation and not as fact. I also do live-people searches, so if you are looking for a long-lost friend or family member, I can help you find them.

      If you are interested in having me do research for you please send me a message on the contact page, or email me at genealogist2018@familytreesbylouise.com. Please include your email address and specify exactly what or you are looking for.                                                                                                 

     As for pricing, I do not charge an hourly fee. Instead, I will usually accept whatever amount I am offered as long as it is reasonable. I do not accept PayPal or any credit cards, but I will accept cash, checks, and money orders. If for any reason I can't find the information you're looking for, there is no charge. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!