Some of my ancestors

This is my great-grandfather, John Borntrager. (1888-1935) He was a constable, a postmaster, and a firefighter for the Pennsburg fire company. Did any if  of your ancestors hold any important positions? Would you like to find out?

Here are my great-great-great-great grandparents, Samuel and Regina Newman. Taken prior to 1862, it is the oldest picture in my collection. Samuel was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in 1790. Regina's father, Andrew Krauss, along with his brother George, owned and operated the Krauss organ shop on Gravel Pike in Palm Pennsylvania. Do you know where and when your ancestors were born, and what they did for a living?

This is an image of Lower Silesia, where the majority of my family came from in 1734. Silesia is a historical region of Central Europe. It was once a part of Germany, but is now located mainly in Poland. If you don't know where your ancestors immigrated from, I can help you with that also.